Meet HealthServ’s Lily Awardees for Customer Service!

“Your Health, Our Service” is HealthServ’s tagline and members of the institution are proud to have lived by this tagline since 2002. Thus in the tradition to provide service par excellence, HealthServ has accorded due recognition to its employees who have performed an outstanding job and delivered the best customer care. In line with the Mt. Grace Hospital, Inc. network initiative to provide excellent customer service, the traditional HealthServ Employee of the Month award for 2018 was replaced by the “Lily Award for Customer Service”. The name of the award was derived from Lily flower which symbolizes humility and devotion.

The criteria for choosing the nominees are based on the employees’ ABC (Appearance, Behavior and Communication) of Customer Service, Human Resource Policy Compliance and Work Performance.

Congratulations to all the awardees! Keep up the good work and continue to be an inspiration to all the employees of Healthserv! #YourHEALTHouSERVice #HealthServlily1lily2lily3lily440030545_1100157973482083_4484699920137191424_o39958267_1100158096815404_3629209891530342400_o39985646_1100157813482099_2280241937522884608_o39997247_1100158086815405_7707826035424755712_o40078469_1100158316815382_612315061981020160_o39939388_1100158193482061_5897181335121821696_o39941120_1100158610148686_7470901423035645952_o