Official Statement of Healthserv

Early morning of October 21, Healthserv sent a suspected MERS-Cov patient to RITM. As of 8:15 pm today, laboratory tests revealed that the patient is negative for MERS-Cov. The patient is a Filipino overseas worker from Saudi Arabia who arrived in the Philippines on October 12. The patient did not have symptoms when leaving Riyad, but developed symptoms approximately 3 days after arrival.

The person complained of chest pain on October 15 and sought medical care at Emergency Room of HealthServ Los Baños Medical Center on the same day. Chest x-ray, cardiac enzymes and ECG were unremarkable and he was sent home on medications. However, on the night of October 20, 10pm he went back to the Emergency Room for difficulty of breathing. Chest x-ray showed consolidation in the lung fields. Because of the patient’s rapid deterioration and history of travel he was diagnosed as a possible case of MERS-Cov. Immediately the Emergency Room was placed on lock down, no more people were allowed in or out of Emergency Room. At 1am, the patient was transferred to RITM.

The Emergency Room and radiology section were both closed and the exposed 15 people who included 2 patients and their relatives, 1 doctor plus 9 employees were quarantined in the ER. The radiology section was cleaned following the DOH protocol.

The quarantine has been lifted. The emergency room is currently being disinfected and will reopen tomorrow at 6am.

Healthserv Los Baños Medical Center affirms its commitment of care to the community. We followed all the recommended protocols for controlling contagious diseases. The Infection control committee was on top of the situation from the very beginning. The staff and doctors of the hospital are trained to handle situations like this. Thank you for your support and understanding. We wish the patient and his family well as he continues to heal. Thank you Lord, for Your continued guidance and protection.