HealthServ Los Banos Medical Center (HSLBMC) Sick Kids Clinic

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2020, the healthcare system has encountered numerous challenges. To address the need to provide continuous ambulatory healthcare service while keeping both healthcare workers and patients safe, HealthServ Los Banos Medical Center (HSLBMC) adapted several measures and innovative strategies. Among the immediate responses to the pandemic were the use of Telemedicine, a very strict triaging system upon re-opening of the out-patient department, and the establishment of Adult and Pediatric Respiratory and Fever Clinics.

The Respiratory and Fever Clinics were conceptualized and established in May 2020 as separate out-patient clinics designed to cater to patients with fever, respiratory symptoms, and other symptoms suggestive of infection, which may possibly be due to COVID 19. These clinics were strategically built and located outside the hospital and medical arts building for fast and safe access, in compliance to standard infection control protocols for our pediatric clients. The main Medical Arts Building continued to provide ambulatory service for our non-infectious patients. The purpose of physically separating the infectious and non-infectious cases between the 2 clinics were to allay the fear and anxiety of both the patients/parents and their doctors from acquiring infection from the hospital.

Two pediatric respiratory clinics were initially created. However, with the increasing number of patients seeking consultation due to the numerous surges the past 2 years, HSLBMC expanded its Respiratory and Fever clinic to add an additional 2 clinics to accommodate the increasing demand. The said facility will mark its opening this 27th of January 2022 and has been renamed Sick Kids Clinic. HSLBMC is the only medical center in the area that has a separate clinic for sick children and adolescents. – Dra. Jedeane Aragon ( Pediatric Department Chairman)