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HealthServ Los Baños Medical Center Celebrates 22 Years of Service: Kalinga’t Kaagapay

HealthServ Los Baños Medical Center recently celebrated its 22nd anniversary with the theme “Kalinga’t Kaagapay: 22 Taong Pagsasama sa Serbisyong May Puso.” This theme highlights the institution’s commitment to excellence, compassion, integrity, and teamwork—values rooted in its mission statement. The words “Kalinga” and “Kaagapay” reflect the center’s dedication to providing care and standing alongside the community in times of need, while the logo itself—two number twos mirrored and facing each other—formed the shape of a heart.

Celebrating Two Decades of Service

The celebration kicked off with a Mass held in the lobby of the Hospital Wing, allowing us to express gratitude and reflect on our past challenges and success. HealthServ President, Mr. Melfred Sumaya, delivered a heartfelt message to patients and staff in attendance, commemorating the center’s journey and achievements over the years. He expressed his appreciation for the community’s support and the staff’s dedication, emphasizing how these have been crucial to HealthServ’s continued success.


Blessing of New Facilities

A significant highlight was the blessing of the newly renovated chapel on the 4th Floor of the Hospital Wing. This quiet space now offers a place of spiritual and emotional contemplation for patients, families, and staff, symbolizing the hospital’s holistic approach to healing.



Additionally, the blessing of the new Cooperative Canteen on the 2nd Floor bridgeway between the Hospital Wing and the Medical Arts Building was a major event. This canteen allows employees to rent space and set up their food businesses, providing convenient food options for hospital staff and patients.



Community Engagement and Support

The unveiling of a new billboard in Bay, Laguna, marks another milestone. This billboard, strategically located for visibility, celebrates HealthServ’s legacy and invites the community to join in its mission of service.



The fairgrounds, set up for the event, featured games for patients and employees, creating an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie, especially for the children that were able to play for free via all the gaming tickets our team passed around.



There was also an early morning Zumba activity for the lively community of ladies from Los Baños, who led the way in opening the fairground festivities.



The Food and Dry Goods Bazaar at the driveway entrance to the Medical Arts Building was a hub of activity, featuring local vendors and small businesses. This initiative not only offered diverse food options but also supported local entrepreneurs, reflecting HealthServ’s commitment to community empowerment.



Blood Donation Drive

In collaboration with the Philippine Red Cross, HealthServ organized a blood donation drive for employees. Each donor received 3 kilos of rice as a token of appreciation. This initiative underscores HealthServ’s dedication to contributing to national health initiatives and supporting the well-being of the broader community.



Celebrating Talent and Father’s Day

The second day of the celebration culminated in a singing contest for employees. Representatives from various departments showcased their talents, fostering a sense of unity and friendly competition. The Father’s Day initiative was another heartwarming element, where all dads in the hospital received a small token of appreciation and had their photos taken with the Father’s Day decoration. This gesture highlighted the importance of family and the vital role of fathers in the community.



Looking Ahead
As HealthServ looks to the future, it proudly announces the launch of its new and updated website, making it easier for patients to book appointments with doctors. Simply visit healthserv.com.ph to explore our services and find the right healthcare provider for your needs. Additionally, HealthServ is revitalizing its social media presence, with updated Instagram and TikTok accounts to better engage with the community.


HealthServ Los Baños Medical Center’s 22nd anniversary was a testament to its unwavering commitment to providing compassionate, high-quality healthcare. The celebration brought together staff, patients, and the community in a series of meaningful events, all under the banner of “Kalinga’t Kaagapay.” As HealthServ continues to grow, it remains dedicated to its core values of excellence, compassion, integrity, and teamwork, ensuring that the community receives the best possible care.


For more information and updates, visit healthserv.com.ph and follow us on Instagram and TikTok. Here’s to many more years of service and community partnership!