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Mon-Sat 8am–5pm | Sun 9am–12nn

8817 National Highway Batong Malake,

Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines 4030


Cardiac Center

Cardiac care center offering advanced treatments for heart conditions. Expertise, innovation, and compassionate care.

Eye Center

Our eye center providing expert care for vision and eye health needs. Cutting-edge treatments, compassionate service.


State-of-the-art laboratory offering precise diagnostics and reliable testing services. Accuracy, efficiency, and excellence in analysis.

Pulmonary Department

Pulmonary care center providing expert treatment for respiratory conditions. Compassionate care, advanced therapies, improved breathing.


Advanced radiology center offering precise imaging services. Cutting-edge technology, expert analysis, and comprehensive diagnostic solutions.

Surgical Services

Comprehensive surgical center offering expert care and advanced procedures. Precision, safety, and compassionate support for patients.

Wound And Vascular Care Center

Specialized center offering advanced care for wounds and vascular conditions. Expert treatment, healing, and compassionate support.


Outpatient center providing convenient access to specialized medical services. Quality care, efficiency, and patient-focused experience

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation department provides both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for various medical...

Kalinga Geriatric Center

The Kalinga Geriatric Center is dedicated to the health needs and well-being of older adults aged 55 years old and above.